Designing for movement

UX Design

2 years ago

The changing nature of technology poses new challenges for interaction and visual designers. How can we effectively describe the dynamic interactions and animations that occur on modern web and mobile apps? And why we should not consider it as mere eye-candy?

6 min

Mini Cooper Design Sketch

Design goes mainstream

Web and Innovation

3 years ago

Are you tired of the Design community and its endless talks about the latest trends? Then prepare yourself, because UX design is going mainstream: if NYT talks about Flat design nobody can deny it. Let's see why this is an excellent news.

2 min

Google Reader killed

Google kills Reader: do we care?


4 years ago

Google decision to kill Reader is just the confirmation of the company orientation towards Google+. If you are a RSS-consumer do you need to care about Mountain View move?

2 min

iOS 7 hands-on

iOS7: the good …

UX Design

3 years ago

The new Apple flagship mobile OS has been presented at the latest WWDC and it immediately created an enormous buzz in the Tech community. And yes, graphically speaking, the OS is quite debatable. While I'm conscious of its many flaws, in this article I will instead focus on 3 aspects I liked of the iOS re-design. Let's see them in detail.

4 min

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